Sean Connolly :: Actor & Voice Artist

Sean Connolly :: Actor & Voice Artist

Friday, 4 December 2020


I bring you some warm and cosy 'JOJO & GRAN GRAN' related news ... TOMORROW SATURDAY 5th DECEMBER @ 8.40am on the CBEEBIES CHANNEL comes the CHRISTMAS SPECIAL from the ENORMOUSLY POPULAR HIT SHOW - featuring your truly as EZRA (well I say 'featuring' ... he's there when it matters!). If you've been watching the series you'll know that they will DO CHRISTMAS 'just right'!! If 8.30am is a little early for you on Saturday, never fear it'll be available on the BBC's iPLAYER after first transmission ... It'll be a real FESTIVE TREAT - DON'T MISS IT!! 

As it happens TODAY  FRIDAY 4th DECEMBER @ 5.25pm 'LIVE' on the CBEEBIES CHANNEL a lovely episode called 'IT'S TIME TO PLAY FOOTBALL' is on, check it out if you'd like!! EZRA is a pretty good dribbler!!

Take care everyone and a slightly early MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!

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Saturday, 14 November 2020


What scary japes we're had when I was asked to record THREE audio plays from the 'SCRIPT SIREN'S PRESENTS: SIREN SCREAMS' HORROR ANTHOLOGY ...

In total SCRIPT SIRENS produced SIX SHORT AUDIO PLAYS all RECORDED REMOTELY due to our current challenging circumstances ...

Here are the three, often terrifying, stories I had the privilege to be involved in ...


You can listen to all of the audio plays on the podcast platform Acast here:

'SCRIPT SIREN'S PRESENTS: SIREN SCREAMS' was supported by the Arts Council ...

Script Sirens are a powerful collective of diverse female and non-binary scriptwriters based in the West Midlands. For more information about the exciting work that they're doing here's their website:

                        Head on over to Acast to have a listen ... IF YOU DARE!!

                                                     ENJOY THE SCARES!! 

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Thursday, 15 October 2020

BRAND NEW 'AUTUMN' EPISODES of CBEEBIES Animated Series 'JoJo & Gran Gran' from MON 19th OCTOBER ... Welcome back EZRA!!

Really thrilled to let you all know that the NEW 'AUTUMN' EPISODES of the CBEEBIES hit animated series 'JOJO & GRAN GRAN' starts next MONDAY the 19th OCTOBER 2020 at 5.25PM ... Episodes will be available to view on the BBC's iPLAYER after first transmission, in fact the FIRST TWO SEASONS; 'SPRING' and 'SUMMER' are also available to stream, also via the BBC iPLAYER.

My character EZRA (below) will feature in TWO MORE EPISODES during this season, firstly on NEXT THURSDAY 22nd OCTOBER in 'IT'S TIME TO PLAY FOOTBALL' - (JoJo meets Ezra’s grandson Jaxon and they join Jared, Cynthia, Ezra and Terrence for a football match in the park, with Gran Gran as the referee.and a PRE-HALLOWEEN episode called 'IT'S TIME FOR A TREASURE HUNT' (guess what might happen here??!!) on FRIDAY 30th OCTOBER ... Incidentally this second episode was recorded in LOCKDOWN using my HOME STUDIO!! 

Gran Gran is voiced by Cathy Tyson, JoJo by Taiya Samuel; Great Gran Gran by Llewella Gideon; Jared, who works in the local shop, by Ashley Joseph; and Gran Gran’s friendly neighbour Cynthia by Teresa Gallagher.

The series is created for Television by BBC Children’s In-House Production and is based on the 'JOJO & GRAN GRAN' characters created by LAURA HENRY-ALLAIN ...

                                                    ENJOY THE SERIES!! 

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Sunday, 23 August 2020

BRAND NEW adaptation of JULES VERNE classic '20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA' is released by AUDIBLE ...

So proud to finally be able to announce my involvement in the tremendously exciting new adapatation of the JULES VERNE classic adventure '20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA' for AUDIBLE ...

I've loved the 1954 Disney film starring JAMES MASON since I was a nipper (not the first time around I hasten to add!!) so it was a great thrill to lend my tonsils for the greatly enjoyable cameo of (MASON) in EPISODE ONE of this EPIC FIVE-PART ADVENTURE. Even more of a thrill is that it became my very first FULL CAST AUDIO DRAMA for AUDIBLE, although I do feature quite alot on other AUDIOS on the platform ...

There's a VERY STARRY CAST (in alphabetical order) ... Gary Andrews, Michael Brandon, Sean Connolly, Barnaby Eaton-Jones, Adrian Lester, Clive Mantle, Carla Mendonca, Terry Molloy, Ben Perkins, Montserrat Roig, Andrew James Spooner. Produced and directed by Barnaby Eaton-Jones. Sound design by Joseph Fox. Original score by Abigail Fox. Adapted by Tony Lee.

It was also such a positive thing to do in the current pandemic, as it also became my second REMOTE RECORDING PROJECT from my HOME STUDIO ... It really was a quite extraordinary thing to do, all of the actors recording remotely from their homes, then piecing it all together in post production. Serious HATS OFF to SOUND DESIGNER JOSEPH FOX in particular and PRODUCER and DIRECTOR BARNABY EATON-JONES ...  

Here's a direct link to AUDIBLE to purchase this amazing example of overcoming adversity ... ENJOY!! 

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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

NEW 'SUMMER' EPISODES of CBEEBIES Animated Series 'JoJo & Gran Gran' from MON 20th JULY ... Welcoming EZRA!!

You might remember back in MARCH 'before' LOCKDOWN this wonderful CBEEBIES SERIES inspired by books written by LAURA HENRY-ALLAIN and created by BBC Childrens premiered on our screens. At the time my character EZRA didn't feature in this first batch of episodes ... I'm more than delighted to say that 'EZRA' makes his first appearance in the series NEXT TUESDAY 21st JULY @5.25pm on CBEEBIES and then after on the BBC iPlayer. The episode is entitled 'It's Time to Find a Dinosaur' and before anyone says it - I am NOT said 'dinosaur'!!! It's a LANDMARK SERIES as it's the first animation on CBEEBIES to focus on a black British family, concentrating on the special bond between children and their grandparents ... If you didn't catch SERIES ONE set in SPRING then it's still available on the iPLAYER - IT'S REALLY BEAUTIFLLY ANIMATEDALL THE VOICE ACTING (Gran Gran is voiced by Cathy Tyson, JoJo by Taiya Samuel; Great Gran Gran by Llewella Gideon; Jared, who works in the local shop, by Ashley Joseph; and Gran Gran’s friendly neighbour Cynthia by Teresa Gallagher) is SECOND TO NONE!! Of course it also features the obligatory CATCHY THEME TUNE!!

Looking forward to later in the year, EZRA appears in a couple more episodes in the AUTUMN BATCH and then the CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, I'll keep everyone updated on those nearer the time. It was great fun recording EZRA for the series, really can't wait to officially join the cast and see his FIRST EPISODE on TUES 20th JULY and of course the rest of the series too!


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Sunday, 24 May 2020

'Blackstone Fortress' a Warhammer 40,000 AUDIO BOOK by Darius Hinks - Narrated by Sean Connolly is AVAILABLE to PRE-ORDER ...

I can now reveal the project I was working on PRE-LOCKDOWN is now AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER here ... The novel, written by the amazing DARIUS HINKS based on the 'WARHAMMER QUEST: BLACKSTONE FORTRESS' game from GAMES WORKSHOP now has an AUDIO BOOK and I had the great honour to be asked to be it's NARRATOR.

It's a real roller-coaster ride of a story (my first FULL LENGTH AUDIO BOOK for Games Workshop) and I had an absolute blast recording it! ... There was OVER 30 CHARACTERS to voice (PHEW!) so it certainly was a MARATHON but a hugely enjoyable one. Some of the characters I already knew from doing a FULL CAST AUDIO DRAMA called 'THE BEAST INSIDE' (below) last year, also based on the game where I played the lead role of the moustached and monocled Rogue Trader JANUS DRAIK ...

You can DOWNLOAD it via BLACK LIBRARY from MAY 30TH, it will also be available to grab from AUDIBLE, AMAZON KINDLE and APPLE BOOKS ... the RUNNING TIME is FIVE MINUES SHY OF 10 HOURS at 9 HOURS 55 MINUTES ... More news after it's official release ...

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